1. Registration of the passport of citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad.

2. The travel documents of the child to travel abroad.

3. Preparation and submission of documents to make changes to the passport (data on children).

4. registration of the invitation to foreigners their entry into Ukraine by individuals.

5. Formal invitation to foreigners for their entry into Ukraine by legal entities.

6. Registration of passports for the child to travel abroad (who turned 16 years old).

7. Making registration.

8. At the same time Removal from the register and registration.

9. Making a registration statement with the loss of the coupon without the possibility to recover it (when the file is completely destroyed GMSU).

10. drawing up a protocol inspector.

11. Removal from the place of registration / residence.

12. Removal from the place of registration / residence is lost when the house register.

13. pastings photos in the passport for 25 years and 45y.o..

14. Registration of accommodation.

15. Removal from the place of stay.

16. Re-registration of domicile / residence permit (when renumber homes surname).

17. Re-registration of the place of registration / residence (transfer from the old house of the book into the new house register, or when the damage or loss).

18. Getting a passport after 16 years.

19. Getting a passport after 18 years. (When the deadline is missed).

20. Replacement of the passport (Family, Marriage and Divorce).

21. Recovery of the passport when it is lost.

22. Recovery of the passport when it is spoiling.

23. The place of incorporation / registration of new building (they have the right of ownership, or registration at the BTI (1 January 2013) Registration on the registration service, as well as the developer / owner of the Declaration on the commissioning of the apartment / townhouse / private home).

24. Clearance certificate of citizenship of the child (the child receives the status of citizen of Ukraine).

25. Additional copy, restore the citizenship certificate of the child when it is lost.

26. Get help to address the whereabouts of Ukrainian Bureau (ADB – address information desk).

27. Get help Criminal record for Ukrainian citizens.

28. Issuance form number 3 of new building (as the card file is in GMR).

29. Apply the owner to withdrawal from the place of registration prescribed / registered at his address (when a Ukrainian registered / recorded not live at the address and not the owner of the house / apartment).

30. Obtaining an identification code in the Kiev region, or replacement of its due name change and correct errors in names.

31. Proceeds to educational institutions under contract in the hospital.

32. Proceeds to educational institutions under contract for correspondence.

33. Proceeds to educational institutions on the budget.

34. Translation ukrainntsa at our institution (other institutions) from one faculty to another.

35. The place of registration / residence before and after 27 years (with more capital, military ID or a certificate – a temporary license, or lost more capital, military ID, or not anything at all – neither the Capital or military identification card, military or not the mark of the table in the capital, military card, certificate).

35. Passage of practice for students.